A sneak peek at Icon 1000's latest build

On a fun, quick trip thru Portland with “The Sasha Valentine” and JP from The Selvedge Yard, I got to tour the headquarters of Icon.  It was the normal spread at first: secret designs posted to the wall: chalk outlines of when product might launch, but underneath it all a code could be noticed among the scribbles.  Words Like “Magnificent Bastard”, “Dromedari”, “Thunder Chunky” and more squeezed in on the production board out of sequence.  Odd I thought, names thrown in here and there.  As the tour progressed into the top secret rooms of prototypes I kept thinking “cool stuff, but where are the bikes?!??!”.  

Talk of thread counts and fall colors could be heard in the background while I was wondering who at ICON decorated their HQ with the same tile I used to have in my high school (sorry readers, my mind does seems to wonder here and there).  Through the babble of voices and mindless thoughts, a garage space of some sorts kept beckoning to me.  Now, I had heard the rumors of these supposed “in-house builder’s” and could not WAIT to find the number to the local shop that had done some of their marketing bikes to prove my theory:  cause really, who could believe the staff at ICON actually “built” these mythical bikes…..  right?? 

To say that I was beyond excited to find a real live working garage in the middle of the facility is an extraordinary understatement.  I stared.  Mouth open, shocked, utterly and completely surprised.  Disbelief at the lack of staged tools.  Actual builds happening right here….no way.  I can’t lie, these guys are the REAL DEAL!!  Dreaming, grinding, building right next to where the clothing that one wears on the bikes was being thought up.  Need some release from your desk… go turn a wrench.  Your bike needs repaired?  Wheel it in and take care of it over lunch break. 

The staff at Icon are hard core motorcyclists!  Kurt Walter is the design director and the prodigy behind the conceptualization and the design of these incredible machines.  Staff members hold different roles and pitch in to find parts and carry out the actual build to bring these machines to life.  How many company profiles can boast about these amazing benefits in the workplace??  I kept staring at the tools and bikes that lay in wait for the chopping block with a grin that was obvious to our tour director, Joe Gustafson.  The tour ended and I said man, what’s next??  Joe's instant reply: "you'll be the first to know!"  So when I got the e-mail from Sasha saying we got a sneak peak of the Next ICON 1000 build, I was super stoked!

These guys and gals think up crazy end-of-the-world scenarios with a need for speed, hustle machines, or all out assault vehicles.  I can picture this one in the Thunder Dome challenging all who dare to compete to lose there fuel reserves as payment for their loss.   Sweet but trashy (in all the right ways), lines so alluring viewers want to get a closer look.  She tricks them into thinking she’s as soft and docile as a kitten, then BOOM, she bites them with speed in the end.   I love seeing under the skins of these kinds of builds for the true thought and craftsmanship that goes into them but this one I can’t wait to see with her clothes on…… maybe even get a chance to ride her.  Check her out below and go to Icon 1000 to see some of these marvels up close and oh so personal.  

~ Kevin Dunworth

Here's a bit more straight from Joe Gustafson at Icon HQ... 


"Triumph Motorcycles was kind enough to supply us a bike after our Dromedarii and Drift Bike Builds. This Speedmaster was fresh out of the factory with only five miles on it (no one even rode it at the shop before modifications began!) The cutting wheel was the first contact she had with the ICON Garage.

This unruly swan is going to be the belle of the ball. Stock bodywork long gone, progressive suspension added, many parts on order and Ebay finds scavenged, she's equal parts trashy and flashy. In our minds, the only way an ICON 1000 build should be.

Holed up in the ICON Garage, she is the prime topic of lunchtime discussion and after hours destruction.  The yet unnamed Speedmaster custom is the latest to roll out of the shop.  

Hold tight my friends, many surprises lay ahead."


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