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The Morcuera Racer by Radical Ducati

Our next vixen comes from the shop of Radical Ducati, located in Madrid, Spain. We at CafeRacerXXX have been personally following this shop for some time. When we approached these guys to supply us with some talent; they were more than happy to comply.  If you have not heard of Radical Ducati, then we seriously question your custom motorcycle credentials. ;) These guys have a different take on the process of massaging steel and removing all the body work.  They are masters of taking work horses and turning them into show ponies with enough bite to be quite competitive on the Euro track scene.  The sexy lines of their Italian donors mixed with the attention to detail only a Spanish lover could provide is shown in the under-the-skirt photos and the final money shots. Once again, we are the only site showing you the details everyone else covers up. Check out that round ass shot from behind...that is a rear we could stare at all day. Enjoy!

~ Kevlar  

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The Moss Landing Assault Vehicle by Mule Motorcycles 

First of all, we have been blown away with the positive feedback and overwhelming response to our site launch and first couple of posts.  THANK YOU!!


Our next super sexy machine is brought to us by a West Coast builder that is, simply put, "one of the best in the world".  I personally dug out my old "American Flyer" Collection from Cycle World to see how many years I have been following Mule Motorcycles. Without sounding old to the 20 somethings currently driving this part of our industry, Richard Pollock has been producing some of the Best Custom bikes on the planet for longer than some have been alive.  What a huge honor to us, and our site to post what we feel is "the target to shoot for" in bike customizing.  Not just for looks, but for geometry, fit and finish, and innovative use of production parts available on other bikes.  We have been studying the photos and can tell you that seeing under the skins of this girl is a true joy. Sure, you can see these well finished machines on BikeExif, Bike Craft Magazine, Iron & Air Magazine, and several other high end media sources, But you will only find her here with her clothes off.  Talk about full frontal nudity.  Nice!  So go ahead and check this girl out and know she gets her name from a well known surf spot, Moss Landing, tucked between Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA.  Oh, those California Girls....  



In the words of Richard Pollock:

"The green Yamaha started life as a used XS650 motor, a Mule frame in crom-oly, CBR900RR forks, Mule clamps, Racetech shocks, Storz aluminum tank, Carbon fiber XR750 Harley style seat and early 18” Kawasaki/Morris wheels. The wheels were widened by Kosman Specialties to 3.5” rear and 2.75” front. The motor has a 750cc bigbore kit, Virago valves, 34mm Mikunis, stock cam, RD valve springs, Mule exhaust and PowerDynamo ignition/charging system from Germany. Handlebars are Woods Racing stainless in a traditional flattrack bend. Headlight is from an 07 Triumph Bonneville with Mule H/L mounts. The front calipers are from a CBR900RR as are the forks and the rotors are thinned, drilled and turned down  from stock a 1975 XS650 Yamaha. I hand formed the aluminum side panels and the exhaust system was ceramic coated as well as utilizing Burn’s Stainless ultra-light silencers. The left engine cover has been extensively reworked as well as having a Yamaha quad ignition switch mounted to it. It has an extremely loud Sportster horn, and Brembo master cylinders front and rear. There is an LED taillight mounted under the seat that is extremely bright!!! I’d like to think the rear brake pedal and master cylinder mounting is fairly unique as well."


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The Race of Gentlemen

Why a vintage motorcycle beach race story on CafeRacer.XXX, you may ask...?  Well, we have a theory here at world headquarters that Cafe Racers are not just a Modern art interpretation of some lost relic of machine, but a actual living, breathing human!  We have the wild notion that motorcycling down to its core and its people are about as Cafe Racer as it gets.  Sure we like street race inspired vintage machines.  Sure we like slicked hair and rock and roll.  But at the end of the day, We LOVE motorcycle people.  Chopper guys, Vintage racers, Modern track day enthusiasts, Touring Guys, the Guys and Gals whom ride to work every day.  All of them sharing their adventures of two wheeled glory are Cafe Racers to us, whether they realize it or not.  

This leads us to our next post.  Not a BIKE??  No!  It is about an amazing event and a unique and ambitious Cafe Racer!!  This motorcycle and car nut to us hits the true essence of what this is all about.  Our very own "Bandita" was there to cover the event and meet the man!  Following the true inspiration of the event and reading the man’s passion in his own words, for us, was truly moving.  He gets it.  


On October 20th, we stopped by the shores of Allenhurst and Loch Arbour, NJ to watch “The Race of Gentlemen”.  The races consisted of head to head matches between pre-1950 antique cars and motorcycles, stretching 1/8th of a mile jetty to jetty on the beach. 

The event perimeter was lined with custom roadsters and antique motorcycles ranging in year, make and model.  For $20 you could step "back in time" from the boardwalk and enter the race track.  The weather was a sunny 70 degrees, perfect race weather.  The air had a salty tinge against an ocean back drop mixed with the sound of engines revving and waves smashing onto the beach.  Vendors, bands, sexy race gals, and an enthusiastic announcer dressed in period proper attire completed the picture.  Thousands of people were scattered, smiling and

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Live from Ace Corner at Barber......

Mark Wilsmore, owner of Ace Cafe London supporting Cafe Racer XXX!!!!      

We also met Lauren from Iron & Air Magazine, our favorite new read, sporting Cafe Racer XXX. 

Spotted Cafe Racer star, KD from Loaded Gun Customs discussing the '72 Mono

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