Product Review: Barstow Legend Goggles by 100%

100% Race Goods | Barstow Legend Goggles | Retail: $95

If you’re like me you have a healthy stash of motorcycle helmets; one for each riding occasion. Full face, open face, maybe even a  Davida Classic for good measure. My preferred style of riding? Ditch the face shield – get some wind. Naturally that means eyewear but after two failed attempts with several motorcycle goggles, I’ve resorted to sunglasses. Then those broke.

Determined to find acceptable eyewear I came across a site that immediately caught my attention purely from it’s design aesthetic:, home to 100%, a race goods company based out of California. Holy hell, open up a new window and go check out their site. Clearly someone in the design department is earning their paycheck. How I had never heard of this company or product prior to this is a bit embarrassing. Nevertheless I was eager to get my hands on a pair of their goggles dubbed The Barstow.

The Barstow is offered up in two versions based on your preferred riding style: the ‘Classic’ version for those of you who take to the dirt or the ‘Legend’, for all you road warriors. With my expertise coming from riding on asphalt I opted for the Barstow Legend in the fashionable burgundy color and took to the scenic back roads of upstate New York.

Back to my grievances with the pair of ‘vintage’ moto goggles I previously owned. Under normal conditions all seemed fine, that is, until I came to a stop. Within a matter of seconds, fog would creep in like a horror movie reducing my visibility to about 50%, especially with my noggin inside a Biltwell Gringo. By the time I shifted into 2nd gear it would clear up but it was still quite annoying not to mention dangerous. The Barstow on the other hand passed the ‘stop test’ perfectly.


Some other impressive key features:

The triple-layer fleece lined face foam – The first thing you’ll notice with these goggles when you go to put them on is how comfortable they wear; like falling face first into a down comforter. Several strategically placed upper vents force air in and channel out moisture to reduce fogging. These worked like a charm. Not once during my 6-hour ride did I experience any fogging.

The elastic strap features the usual metal adjuster with an added leather strap trim that helps to easily position the goggles into place. The inside of the elastic strap features a rubber grip lining that helps them to stick to the helmet like there’s no tomorrow.

The frame, while a bit flimsy, is quite durable. The flexibility of the frame allows for a quick change of the French-made Dalloz lens with the flick of the metal snap and a gentle pull. It should be noted that the uniquely shaped lens allow for superior visibility so much that you almost forget you have them on.

Lastly, I have to commend the team over at 100% on a job well done with the overall design of their brand. I mentioned earlier their website but wait till you see these goggles for yourself, and packaging it comes in, and the uniquely sized brochure – all beautiful and very engaging. It seems they acknowledge that every touchpoint is an opportunity to ‘wow’ their consumer, something a lot of brands can stand to learn from. 

-Chris Logsdon


MOTORPOOL moto pants by uglyBROS USA

CAFERACERXXX Product Review:


MOTORPOOL Moto pants

Retail $323

We’ve all been there, that early Saturday morning after a great night out. You, posted up on the couch in your favorite sweatpants, coffee in hand quietly reveling in the fact that you have no where to be. This comfort, when properly achieved, frees the mind allowing for complete concentration on the task at hand, like that book you promised yourself you’d finish five months ago. Comfort, when present, reassures but never distracts.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate motorcycle garments to don while navigating the treacherous Bronx-Queens Expressway or casually exploring either of the coastal highways, one thing is for sure: you want protection and you want it to be comfortable. If you just so happen to look good in them, on or off the bike, homerun. With a slew of new products on the market to choose from, one brand in particular caught our attention with their unique aesthetic, specifically in the moto pants category -  uglyBROS USA

One look across uglyBROS USA’s portfolio of products and you’ll immediately notice their attempt to merge the world of protective motorcycle gear with high-style fashion garments. Something few brands prior to this have been able to successfully do. So how well does uglyBROS USA products hold up when put to the test? During a 3-day moto-camping excursion that took me from Brooklyn NY down the coast to Delaware I had the opportunity to find out.

From their impressive arsenal I chose the MOTORPOOL moto pants. A slim straight fit, olive-green dyed pant constructed from 11oz. stretch cotton with cargo flap pockets on both legs and built-in interior slots to house the European CE approved removable knee & hip protectors. What’s most impressive, and therefore differentiating with most of uglyBROS moto pants are the elastic shirring strategically placed around the knees and the waist allowing for ridiculous movement. At no time during my 8-hour ride, or my night’s sleep in them, did they bunch or become irritating. With the functional box checked, you’ll be encourage to wear the uglyBROS USA moto pants even when you’re not riding. The armour protection slides out with appropriate ease and with right pair of boots and a simple tee you’ll own the proper ‘just got off my motorcycle’ look without joining the all too popular Power-Ranger tribe. I’ve personally been caught wearing them a few times in my NYC office.

The argument that stretch cotton will not hold up as well as the denim/kelvar moto pants offered by other brands is a valid one and the $323 price point is relatively high. However, after a full weekend of riding, camping and general hell-raising the uglyBROS USA MotorPool moto pant gets my vote for it’s style, protection and unrivaled comfort. Like those sweat pants I spoke of earlier, I plan on having these for a long time.

-Chris Logsdon

Chris Logsdon is a designer and currently lives in Brooklyn NY and rides a '99 Triumph Legend TT. (@iam_lgd)